Bitcoin Era: How good is the platform? Test, experiences and user opinions!

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If you want to make money with Bitcoin, you won't get past automatic trading systems – such as Bitcoin Era – sooner or later. Since there are now some of these brokers, and these are not clearly distinguishable at first glance, we start a Bitcoin Era test and would like to share our experiences.

What are the Bitcoin Era experiences?

If you are looking for experiences from other users on the subject of Bitcoin Era, you will be faced with a huge challenge. Because the hits to this term, which are displayed by the usual search engines in the front seats, have little to do with a broker.

Although some tests can be found in the lower ranks, it is not quite clear from which sources the described experiences originate. They therefore allow only limited assessment of the offer. At some point, of course, the user also comes across the broker. On the home page, a tearful video is meant to draw attention to the service of Bitcoin Era. Bitcoin Era is described on the site as a mixture of man and machine, which trades in CFDs or other assets of crypto currencies.

It seems that Bitcoin Era is to be offered to a limited number of users even for a certain period of time.

Bitcoin Era: Getting Started

If a site visitor is actually more interested in the offer and has registered, he will be immediately redirected to another platform. When registering, you also need to provide your own telephone number. Later, it appears that an employee will call.

Whether this is also the case with Bitcoin Era Reviews cannot be definitively assessed at this stage. In any case, it is clear that the operators say very little about themselves and that the offer is not described very clearly either. Information on deposits and withdrawals is also not provided.
How serious is Bitcoin Era?
The success rate in the test was 82% – all over 80% is an excellent result
An investment with a cryptorobot is always risky, so we recommend only making the minimum deposit of 250€.
We have tested the platform and are convinced of the intuitive operation and the success rate

How Bitcoin Era: Deposit, Trading, Withdrawal

Investors operating on the Bitcoin Era platform are sent signals that are promising. The investor then decides for himself whether or not to take this opportunity. Bitcoin Era always relies on a CFD broker, who sends the signals and executes the trades accordingly.

What are CFDs?

CFD stands for "Contracts of Difference". CFDs are speculative financial products because they are nothing more than a bet in which investors bet whether prices will rise or fall within a certain period of time. If the investor is right, he receives a certain percentage of the investment at the top of his profit. If, on the other hand, he is wrong with his assessment, the stakes are completely lost.
Because the percentage between a profit and a loss is very large, investors must have a 70 percent success rate in terms of their assessment in order to have a positive balance in this type of speculation – Bitcoin Era showed in our test a Success rate of 86% In addition, investors operating in this segment need additional characteristics for successful trading. These include:

Good intuition,
Extensive knowledge of the various assets and
Great experience in the respective market.

Is Bitcoin Era Scam?

The question of whether bitcoin Era  is a scam or not is relatively easy to answer. The first sight does not suggest that the operators are fraudulent.

We found no signs of scam, rip-off or scam on Bitcoin Era during our test.
You can find some experiences about the Bitcoin Era app on the net. Opinions on this, however, are divided. While some consider the offer to be frivolous and fraudulent, others consider it serious. It is not possible to say with certainty where the websites on which these opinions were published originate. They therefore have only a conditional significance for an assessment.

Is Bitcoin Era serious?

Bitcoin Era Works

The operators of Bitcoin Era Price promise the site visitors that they can make big profits within a short time. Investors should always be careful about such promises.

Especially in the early days, however, aspiring traders can keep the risk to an absolute minimum once they have chosen a provider. You should first deposit only small amounts to find out if it is a reputable provider that also executes the payouts correctly and to the satisfaction of investors.
ena, Yvonne Catterfeld and more: Did these celebs invest with Bitcoin Era?
On some websites you can read that celebrities like Lena Gercke, Yvonne Catterfeld, Klaas Heufer Umlauf, Oliver Welke, Til Schweiger or Wolfgang Lippert have invested with Bitcoin Era (and ZDF reportedly reported) Even if we did not do this at this point. whether the celebrities have actually invested, so we think the probability is relatively low that this is the case.

Unfortunately, some websites often resort to unfair methods when it comes to advertising auto trading products. Often you are not directed to the real Bitcoin Era Robot on these websites, but end up on a rather shady page. The correct link to Bitcoin Era can be found here.

Conclusion to Bitcoin Era

In our test, we found no signs of scam. The intuitve interface and the good success rate of 86% convinced us in trading.

If you want to start a test yourself, however, it should be recommended once again that this is a speculative investment, so that you should only pay the minimum contribution, and only if you are aware that not only profits, but also losses of the are possible.

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